Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Wearing:  Leggings as pants and my new jort overalls.

Watching:  ...April Kepner ruin yet another season of Grey's Anatomy with her oh-so-predictable pregnancy story line and whiny attitude.

Reading:  How To Win Friends and Influence People - I haven't learned anything yet so don't get your hopes up that I'll suddenly be more friendly.

Wanting:  A boyfriend that isn't self-absorbed and/or abusive in any way. Are they out there?

Listening: So much Brandi Carlile.

Creating:  I've been drawing plus sized naked women in my sketchbook lately. I'm not sure why. 

Battling:  My weight (at a plateau.) And my concept of what my life should look like right now. Mother's Day was this weekend, and it was the worst one yet, which surprised me out of nowhere.

Eating:  Not meat. Best decision I've ever made. Lots of radishes and black bean burgers lately.

Drinking:  Water and coffee and the occasional alcoholic root beer.

Loving:  Fresh spring produce. Elephants. Cows (they have such pretty eyelashes!) Tinted lip balm. Yoga. Living by my own rules.

Looking forward to:  Going back to Savannah for the first time in a couple years. My soul is so happy there.