Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gratitude on a Tuesday

Most of the time I do these Gratitude posts on days when I'm feeling low and need to refocus. That's okay. It's necessary sometimes. Today, though, I'm on cloud nine. So here's my Gratitude post for this Tuesday:

1. My ex-husband gave me back my dog, Coda. We got her shortly after my second miscarriage, and she quickly became my companion, my focus, my reason to get out of bed. When I escaped that abusive marriage, I had to leave her, too. It's been 2.5 years in the making but yesterday she came home with me... neglected, underfed, and crawling with fleas. But she's home with me now, and I will make sure she gets all the medical care she needs to be healthy and thrive again! I'm thankful, not to him for making a good decision for once, but for a second chance to be her mama.

I'm sure I'll write more about her in the future... this is a redemption story for us both. She and Tater are getting along great!

2. For friends that challenge me. I'm currently doing a decluttering challenge with my friend, Erica, and each day you get rid of things in your house. They have to physically LEAVE your home. Join in if you want-- use the hashtag #minsgame on Twitter and Instagram! I'm also keeping a list of the things I discard/donate as I go.

3. For feeling known. My derby girls threw me a wine-and-design birthday party. They brought cheese and wine and fruit and we painted this cool cow picture. The gifts they gave me were amazing, not because they gave me stuff, but because they gave me stuff they knew I would love. I felt so loved and so understood and celebrated on my 28th birthday. I'm thankful for the strong, wonderful women in my life.

4. For my goddaughter. I'm thankful I live near her and that when I walk in the room, she knows who I am and reaches for me! I'm grateful for her health and for her personality and for her parents (my best friend and her husband) for letting me be an important part of her life.

5. For Skillshare, which is my alternative to spending money I don't have in order to go to design school. I love that I can learn more about almost any artistic endeavor there. I'm currently taking a class on Exploring Letterforms through Monograms and Watercolor Branding, among others.