Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Wearing:  Jorts. If you see me at any point this summer, I will be in cut-off jean shorts. You know, the kind people create in their kitchens from old pants that have holes in them or something? Yeah that kind. It's sweltering hot in the Carolinas this year, so... Sorry not sorry.

Watching:  Masterchef and Orange is the New Black. Also re-watching all the episodes of Daria, because she's my spirit animal.

Reading:  Quite a bit of poetry. Also about to start Red Letter Revolution and Trendology.

Wanting:  Tater tots, mostly. I'm on week four of Weight Watchers and have lost 15.8 pounds... really proud and excited to keep losing! But oh do I miss fried food.

Listening:  Some recent favorites include Dessa - "Call Off Your Ghost", Florence + the Machine - "Various Storms and Saints", and Beth Orton - "Dawn Chorus"

Creating:  I drew a sketch of some scissors the other day. Also have been journaling and including some collage in the new journal. Does that count?

Battling:  Exhaustion. Work is slammed all summer long and I'm just trying to get it all done and still take some time next week with my family at the beach. Hopefully I'll be able to relax.

Eating:  Lots of fresh produce! I love summer. Also eating a ton of shrimp and salmon. Excited for some crab legs next week!

Drinking:  Not enough alcohol, just enough water. Trying to stay hydrated in this summer heat.

Loving:  Seeing my timeline turn all rainbow-colored in support of the SCOTUS ruling affirming marriage equality. There were some haters, but the people who stepped out in support far outnumbered those noisy gongs.

Looking forward to:  Putting my butt in the sand and sleeping in the sun at the beach next week. There will be ukulele playing and singing on the porch with my siblings and time for drawing and coffee in the mornings with my mother and evening bike rides with my sister. Maybe I will get my brother to do a sketchbook collaboration with me, since we are both artists but our styles are so different. It feels nice to look forward to something. I'm counting down the minutes.