Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The bigness

I'm poisoning people every time I get a pedicure. Non-organic bananas aren't part of the "dirty dozen" but  the grossly underpaid workers that have to spray them down with pesticides are feeling the painful side effects of the pesticides that are sprayed all over them. Working a job where I sit all day is detrimental to my health. Chickens are being bred and tortured so I can buy eggs at the "low price" of $1.19/dozen.

Existing is scary. Existing when you don't know your purpose is even scarier. And now I have to worry about killing people with bananas and chopping chickens' beaks off? Everything is so big, and I care so much while doing so very little. And there's never as much time as I want there to be. I never feel like I'm conscientious enough. I always feel like I'm eating the wrong things, using too many resources, spending too much money, buying into the propaganda, not doing enough yoga, relying too much on medicine to fix things that changing my diet alone could probably fix...

Caring is exhausting.