Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Things that soothe

It's been a dreary week. It's colder than usual. I've been busier than usual. Work is more stressful than usual. More of my friends are pregnant or adopting than usual. I've had to talk to my ex-husband more than usual.

I was exhausted from a full weekend of roller derby outings. It was rainy and gray on Sunday, and I just wanted to stay in bed. I had committed to spend some time with my parents that afternoon. I pulled myself out of bed semi-reluctantly. We celebrated my dad's birthday a few days late. There was hot coffee and a fire in the fireplace, and we didn't turn on the television at all. We talked. We ate cupcakes. We talked some more.

Family time is my favorite. I'm thankful for every birthday my parents have. I'm so thankful for their health.) In the chaos of this crazy month at work, being with them was the rest I needed.


This is part of Pen + Peplum's 52 Hand-Lettered Project.