Saturday, January 31, 2015

That Summer

That summer we went camping like we had for years. Usually we went to the mountains, but this year Dad packed up the van and we drove out to the Carolina coast. We woke up to the crisp mornings and drank coffee and ate grits that Dad boiled on the travel stove. My little brother and I took turns playing in the wind and annoying each other. We raced to the top of Cape Hatteras lighthouse and were rendered speechless from the view. We threw pieces of bread crust into the air and watched the birds swarm around us, including "Boris" the one-legged seagull.

I remember haphazardly taking this photo with a cheap disposable camera. To this day it remains one of the best photos I accidentally took.

When we reminisce about the fun vacations we had, this one always comes up as one of our favorites. Thanks, Dad.


This is part of the 52 Hand-Lettered Challenge hosted by Pen + Peplum.