Monday, January 12, 2015


Thinking:  About the difference between solitude and loneliness

Wearing: A whole lotta leggings. Leggings to work with dresses. Leggings to derby with tank tops. Leggings to yoga with sweaters. Leggings under my jeans when it was 8 degrees here last Friday.

Watching:  I just started watching 30 Rock for some evening comic relief. I love the fabulous Tina Fey.

Reading: I'm listening to Little Failure by Gary Steyngart on Audible. The author reads it, which is the only time I will listen to an audiobook. Next up is Yes, Please by Amy Poehler, followed by a couple of the books on this list.

Wanting: Some sort of resolution to some plates that are spinning! Hoping to get some good news here soon.

Listening: Recently have fallen in love with The Lone Bellow's song "You Never Need Nobody" and Amy Ray's "Bird in the Hand." Both, unfortunately, are really relevant right now.

Creating: I'm participating in Miranti's 52 Hand Lettered Project. She gives you a topic or phrase each week to letter, and you do your thing. It makes me think outside of my usual lettering projects, and it will be fun to watch my letters develop and mature over the course of the year.

Loving: Young Living Essential Oils. Okay. I'm super not crunchy at all (I worked in an ER for a while, and I love modern medicine like the day is long) but I feel good about what I'm doing for my body by eliminating unnecessary chemicals that are found in OTC medications. I also really enjoy that I'm relaxing more with some really great scents diffusing in the background, or in my bath water, or on my yoga mat. If you want to learn more about EOs, you can join my closed FB group by clicking here.

Looking forward to:  Yoga. I just got back to Holy Yoga class last night after a long (year-long?) break. Roller derby practice interfered with yoga, but this year I am prioritizing Sunday nights as yoga nights. I felt amazing after class last night. I forgot my body could feel like that. Sunday Funday, indeed!