Friday, January 23, 2015

Art and Responsibility

There's a responsibility that comes with being an artist-- one to tell the truth. Your truth. Their truth. Any truth. Because art is powerful in that it has the ability to change someone's perspective. It allows an audience to have experiences using their senses that they otherwise may not have had. And senses are powerful. Art is, at its core, a means of communication. Most artists I know take this very seriously.

I take this very seriously.

I think, through this blog, I've been able to pretty accurately convey the trauma associated with abuse and the grief that goes hand-in-hand with the loss of a child. As I move into new areas of my life, I feel tired of those stories and am excited about communicating new things through my art that are weighing heavily on my heart: issues surrounding social justice, poverty, the environment, body image, and the broken healthcare system.

It's time for something new and meaningful and challenging. I love nothing more than pushing boundaries.

The print in the above photo is called "History Lesson" by Emily Rickard.