Friday, June 20, 2014


I read Allieology's blog, because she's real and we're in similar places in life, and I like her. She's also really funny and makes me smile in the mornings.

She recently did a blog post about all the reasons she's quirky, and I want to do it too, so I'm copying her. Because imitation is flattery, right? No? It's just that thing you do when you have no original ideas slash too much time on your hands? Ok, sure. That.

Without further stalling:

I'm quirky because I'm obsessed with North Korea.

I have watched every single documentary on Netflix about North Korea. Kim Jong Un cracks me up with his far-fetched narcissism, but also this is kind of a real subject: people in North Korea are starving, being killed, brainwashed, mistreated, jailed, tortured. I liken it to the part of the ocean that we have yet to explore. I'm fascinated by it. But I find it hardest to believe that in the 21st century we have a real human rights crisis on our hands like this.

While I'm at it, I'm also obsessed with documentaries about cults and other subcultures.

I'm quirky because I eat sugar on my macaroni and cheese.

Does this need much of an explanation? Try it. It's good. And if you don't like it, it's okay. But try it before you make that face that you're probably making right now. You were making one, weren't you?

I'm quirky because I'm SO OVER the introvert/extrovert conversation.

I am sick of hearing about how you're an introvert, and how you need your alone time, and how you need to recharge or do your best thinking when it's quiet. I'm also tired of hearing about how you're an extrovert and hate sitting at home and thrive around big groups of people and love to talk. And I'm really really sick of hearing about how you're a little bit of both. Be who you are. You don't need to qualify yourself in this way. If I read another blog post about it I'm going to rip my fingernails off one by one in protest.

I'm quirky because I obsessively pick at my nails.

This gets significantly worse when I'm stressed, nervous, or bored. I rarely get manicures anymore because it's an immense waste of time. This also happens when I read blog posts about introverts and extroverts and which one you are.

I'm quirky because I can't finish a book.

I hear this is a common thing, so maybe I'm normal for this one. But seriously, I'm still only like 20% through East of Eden and I've been reading it since Christmas. It's June.

I'm quirky because I collect instruments I can't play.

I played violin for ten years... but I'm not very good. I then decided I wanted a mandolin, so I bought one. I can play "Turkey in the Straw" and some classical Bach pieces, but that's about it. Then I decided I wanted a ukulele because Zooey Deschanel rocked one and so could I probably... uhhhh no. I also have my mom's guitar and can play a few chords on there but strumming is hard. I still have fun trying. That's what matters, right? Speaking of, I'd really like to learn how to play harmonica...

I'm quirky because I don't mind blood and guts, but I don't like seeing people in pain.

This was really bizarre while I was working in the ER. One time I watched a PA remove a three-inch construction nail from a man's palm with a pair of toolbox pliers. It was AWESOME. Didn't bother me at all, because the man was so high he didn't really feel much pain. But one time I watched a doctor remove a bandage from a surgical incision that I couldn't even see and got lightheaded because the patient winced. Should I pursue a medical career this is something that I'll have to work on.