Thursday, April 24, 2014


Thinking:  I've felt so content lately. I've been sleeping well and have been feeling really positive. I'm coming out of a really deep low, and it feels good to be sleeping in the sunshine on the other side.

Wearing: Lots of skinny jeans. I don't even care that I'm not skinny, my butt looks good in them and that's what matters.

Watching: Finally caught up on Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood and Nashville just in time for their finales. Such great shows. Will be watching lots of Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen while they're on break. When does Project Runway come back? A girl's got needs.

Wanting: A mental health day, and a beach, and my toes in the sand, and crab legs with lots of butter.

Listening: Brandi Carlile's live album that was performed with the Seattle Symphony has been rocking my world. I mean. So good.

Creating: I've been participating a Poem-A-Day challenge in April. Except I'm way behind and off-track. I'll finish all the prompts but it will take me much longer than a month. I've cranked out some work I'm really proud of and it's brought me back to my one true love: language.

Loving: Working out (ugh, who am I?) I have a trainer and she's awesome. I'm feeling strong and proud when I go home sore and sweaty but having accomplished something I never thought I could do (every day there's something along these lines.) Tired of being the size of a house and also damaging my heart with an unhealthy lifestyle so I'm doing something about it.

Looking forward to: This weekend I'll be helping my stepdad clean our boat. This sounds awful but it's my favorite part of spring. I'll be on the water in the sunshine with the wind in my hair. Lake days are the best days.