Thursday, February 6, 2014

white out

I spent some time in Savannah last weekend, also known as my favorite city on the planet. My friend, Erin, and I are total opposites when it comes to color palettes-- she loves bright, vibrant colors, and it fits her well. She's a bright, vibrant person (also one of my favorites!)

We were walking around town, daydreaming about the  houses we would buy if we could. I am always attracted to the rough, weathered bricks and old wooden exteriors. But on the inside, I'd paint everything white! White white white! White furniture, white textiles, white walls! I would have rustic wooden floors and hang colorful art pieces here and there to keep the place from looking sterile.

Her house would look so different from mine, but she let me daydream. It was a great weekend. Here are a few photos from my "white out" dream board on Pinterest. One day...

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