Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The sky is falling

The sky is falling. Big, fluffy pieces of the sky. It's beautiful to watch and I almost wouldn't mind it, if only I didn't watch the weather. The southern US is slated for a pretty massive ice storm. Right now it just looks like bushels of cotton on the branches, but it will likely turn ugly before it gets better.

My company is letting us leave at a decent hour, and Tater and I will be snuggled up next to a fire for a few days with some good friends. I have my Kindle all charged up so maybe I can finish East of Eden if the power goes out!

I will enjoy the beauty while it lasts and just pray that we don't lose electricity. My best friend and I will be scouting Pinterest for fun bridal shower ideas for her sister-in-law, and I may bake them some bread and make a pot of chili. Stay warm, friends!