Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whole30 Week Three: Down 12 Pounds

I broke two cardinal rules of Whole30 this week:

1. I weighed myself.
2. I ate two flour tortillas. To soak up the beer.

OK, so I broke 3. I do what I want. I survived divorce week, and I'm still not divorced. 


Here is my Whole30 roundup for week 3:

1 - This is what a typical lunch looks like for me.

2 - Steak (not cooked in butter!). Spaghetti squash. Grilled Zucchini. From Ruby Tuesdays, which has a ton of paleo options. 

3 - Sauteed chicken, homemade garlic/spinach/basil pesto, spaghetti squash.

4 - Leftover chicken salad with bacon, wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon on top.

5 - The office ordered fried chicken so I begged them to get me a grilled chicken salad so I could participate in the office lunch. The dressing is oil and red wine vinegar.

6 - Travel food, Whole30 style. Ella's Kitchen has baby food in this on-the-go tubs. All the ingredients are veggies and fruits and nothing else. It was perfect for the ride to Augusta last weekend. In this picture I'm eating the peas, pears, and broccoli.

7 - Breakfast for dinner before derby practice-- bacon, eggs, and cantaloupe.

8 - Larabars make nice snacks, but only some of them are Whole30 approved. You have to read your labels. This one is the Banana Bread flavor and it has ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS: bananas, dates, and almonds. It's a win.

9 - Almonds. Almonds all day long to the point that I will be totally fine if I never look at an almond again. I eat these in the car on the way home after derby to replenish some protein. Almonds are often roasted in stuff, so make sure that whatever kind you get has only one ingredient-- almonds.

Biggest accomplishment: I didn't stress eat during divorce week. Which is good, since now I have to go back to court. I know ahead of time that I can get through it without eating an entire chocolate cake with no hands.

Biggest setback: Alcohol. I drink socially. That will probably never change. I've been trying to choose the best paleo options of alcohol when I drink, but sometimes... sometimes you just need a shot of whiskey, am I right?

Biggest surprise: I've already lost over 12 pounds since the beginning of the year. No calorie counting, no real hunger, and no guilt. Yes, I still miss cheese, but I feel better, and cheese never gave me that.