Friday, January 31, 2014

Paleo Resources

A couple of you have asked for recommendations for paleo sites and blogs. Here is my list of faves!


If you asked me to pick ONE blog that really helped me understand the paleo lifestyle fully, I would tell you about Stupid Easy Paleo. Steph is educated on the subject, she lives the lifestyle, she's interactive on her Facebook, and she's so stinkin' nice. She aims not only to tell you how to do paleo, but why in a way that you can understand. She gives a lot of information without being overwhelming, and her recipe index is definitely worth perusing.


Nom Nom Paleo is a classic paleo blog. Her blog layout, at first glance, leaves a lot to be desired (but let's be honest, we all read blogs in Bloglovin' or something similar anyway.) Her recipes, however, are to die for. Not difficult, and she has step-by-step photos within the recipes, which I find extremely helpful. I'm convinced that her recipe for paleo mayo saved my Whole30.


Sarah from The Paleo Mom is a Ph.D., and during her studies, she did medical research in the fields of cell biology, innate immunity, and vascular biology to name a few. She has a lot of resources for people (like her) who are living with autoimmune disorders. She offers more of a scientific approach on how paleo works, for those who want it, and offers more day-to-day information for those who don't. I am a science nerd and hopeful med student so I love this stuff. You know if I'm reading a mom-blog, it has to be good. She has an entire Paleo for Kids section, too.


Cavegirl in the City is a blog that has more to offer than just paleo tips and recipes (I want to try her recipe for "Grandma's Paleo Zucchini Bread"). She also posts about fashion, shares really great quotes, and is introspective and well-written.


The rest of these are a mixed bag of paleo blogs. Recipes, success stories, and helpful tips abound. You'll just have to sort through these and see which ones you like most.