Tuesday, January 7, 2014

But sometimes derby is awesome!

And sometimes your derby hero comes to your team's practice! 

And sometimes your trainer strategically lets her work with you for two hours straight. And sometimes she teaches you something that you weren't quite getting before, and magically your crossovers look more fluid and powerful and less wobbly and unstable.

And sometimes she times you during an endurance drill and even though you feel like you are going to COLLAPSE AND DIE right there on the track, you don't BECAUSE SHE'S SKATING RIGHT BEHIND YOU AND SHE'S WATCHING and you just can't do that.

And sometimes you just have to take your thoughts away from your upcoming divorce date and your growling stomach and your achy feet and just listen to the music that's playing and sing as many of the words as possible and get your ass around that track as fast as you can.

Then you survive the drill, and your faith in derby-- and in yourself-- is restored. And that rough practice you had the other night is just a distant memory that only made you a better skater in the end.

I mean, let's be honest:  Most of us joined a roller derby team during some kind of difficult transition just to prove that we can do hard things and live to tell about it.

I certainly did.