Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happiness is worth noticing

It has been colder lately. The trees are bare now and my car is covered in a blanket of ice each morning. I wake up in the dark, and I get home in the dark. My feet are in socks most of the time. This is not where southern feet belong.

But I have been so happy lately. My house smells like apple cinnamon candles. Tater is getting his fuzzy winter coat and snuggling closer than ever at night to keep warm. My best friend and I sit on our couches and have long conversations on the phone, because it's too cold or dark to do anything else. Last Saturday it rained cats and dogs, and I sat next to a window in a big coffee shop chair and worked on my family tree while it poured.

I am making progress on my skates that I never thought I'd make. When I'm with my my team, I laugh until my cheeks hurt. Funny, I didn't know them six months ago, but now? I have found this new family.

I have been known to take time out of my busy schedule to blog about how hard things have been. It's so easy to hide behind my screen and complain. But today is different.

And I just wanted to tell you that-- even on the cold, dark, stressful days-- I'm really happy, y'all.