Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Care Package from Down Under

Yesterday I came home to find a box from Australia on my doorstep! My sweet friend and amazing blogger/shopkeeper, Miranti over at Pen & Peplum, sent me a sweet Christmas package... simply because she wanted to send it! The joy and warmth inside this little box brought such a smile to my face that I had to share it with you. And her packaging... her packaging! Adorable!

All the little yellow accents made me smile. My favorite color! Miranti really takes the time to get to know her blog readers and commenters, and she really adds a lot of heart into all of her products.

The suspense was killing me so I actually opened this first. 

And I followed the rules and opened this last!

So we will go in reverse order. The thing I was supposed to open last was this beautiful yellow planner. I'm inclined to believe the cover, too-- this is my year. Amazing things are going to happen. This planner means everything to me, because it fits in my little purse and it's bright yellow!

The package also included this Pen & Peplum notepad, my very first roll of washi tape and a super neat gel pen!

Oh, and TimTam -- chocolatey deliciousness cookie things that I am going to crave for the rest of my life. Yum! My favorite part, however, was the sweet note she stuck in there for me full of encouraging words and support for this new life I'm trying to build. That meant the most to me of all the things, truly.

Now to start building a Carolina care package to send back. I will have to return the favor and send her something delicious that is very Carolinian... hmmm... too bad I can't ship Cheerwine!

While you're at it, go visit Miranti's blog and shop. She's fabulous.

Thanks, Miranti!