Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stuff Audrey Loves: Russian Typography

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Fun fact: I took a semester of Russian in college for fun. I can say really important things like "small white cat" and "Excuse me, please!" I didn't need the foreign language credit since I'm fluent in German, so I took it as an elective in my senior year. My favorite part was learning to read and write the cyrillic alphabet. It is mysterious and playful and beautiful. I can't get enough of Russian typographic design. Check out these designers for more.

Lately I've been dabbing in typography and hand-lettering, and I feel like it's always nice to gather inspiration from uncommon sources. Also, if you haven't heard Regina Spektor's bonus track, "The Prayer of Francois Villon (Molitva)" from What We Saw from the Cheap Seats it's worth a listen, even if you don't speak Russian. Here album art is also quite inspiring.

See? Uncommon places.