Friday, November 22, 2013

On Creativity

I have crafting commitment issues. One day I'm beading necklaces and earrings in bed and the next day I'm hand-lettering and the next day I've got my paint pens out and the next day I'm threading my sewing machine.  Most every day I'm working in Photoshop and Illustrator. Some days I'm covered in charcoal and some days I'm so full of ideas that I get overwhelmed and can't seem to create anything at all.

One of my favorite bloggers, Shayla Grace, wrote a blog post recently called Liking It All vs. Doing It All. Go read it, I'll wait.

Did you read it? Okay, good. So at the end she asks some challenging questions about what creative ventures make your heart skip a beat.

I knew the answer before I even finished that paragraph.

I am MOST inspired by WORDS. Drawn words. Written words. Quotes. How tiny a word, but how powerful. In my quest to be authentic in my art, I've joined a Skillshare class to hone in my line work and to take note of the creative processes of others' in order to further develop my own.

If I never make a single dime off of a single print, I will be satisfied knowing I spent my life creating something that made my heart flutter. And if suddenly the world had no more pens or pencils, I'd be devastated. Sure, there will be time for paint and thread and beads. But my creative voice is right here.

My next quote is less influential and more hilarious, though. So stay tuned.