Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stuff Audrey Loves: For the graphic designer in your life...

My brother is a graphic designer, and his t-shirt shop is moving soon. At this new location he will have his own office, and he's had ideas spinning around in his head about how he'll decorate it. At 23, this is pretty spectacular. Heck at 43 it's pretty awesome to have your own office... I'm just saying. I'm still working on moving into one with a door... but we'll talk about that later. 
Right now I'm conveniently located in front of the bathrooms, and people frequently ask me "Is so in so in there? How long have they been in there? I have been looking everywhere for them..."
So in this issue of Stuff Audrey Loves, I've put together some things that graphic design geeks would love to have in their offices!
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