Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thinking out loud about guts and stuff

In any other non-medical scenario, sewing up skin would be seen as barbaric.

I was watching a PA stitch up a woman's hand lately from across the emergency department, because watching up close would have made me light-headed and nauseous. But this makes little sense to me, because he was fixing her. He was repairing damage. He was making things better.

The numbing injections and the stitches were just the means to an end of her pain.

I feel like a real life Meredith Grey when I have these Emergency Room epiphanies, but really, there's something about seeing people at their most vulnerable that makes you draw certain conclusions about the way the world works. The only conclusion I came to last night was that my stitches are already in, and the healing is already happening, and that is something worth celebrating.